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Frequently Asked FAQ

You will have many enquiries about how this application works when using a service like Apt Locator Pro as a client.


The most frequent queries from our clients are listed below. Please don’t hesitate to contact us at (817) 203-4341 if you have any additional questions.

General FAQ

A real estate firm with a licence is Apt Locator Pro. We assist people looking for apartments in Texas. On our website, renters can register and search thousands of current apartment listings. We agree to present you with more apartment listings than ANY other website. Additionally, a personal consultation with an Apt Locator Pro Apartment Specialist is provided to each tenant who registers on our site. Our property Specialists are real estate professionals with years of experience assisting tenants in finding the ideal property. The best part is that this help is offered without charge, and anyone who utilises Apt Locator Pro to find their future apartment can receive a $200 rebate or a free move.

Nearly every apartment complex in Texas is a party to one of our listing agreements. If we recommend tenants to these residences, they will pay us a referral fee. The service is free for you because of this! When you visit the apartment communities and identify Apt Locator Pro as your referral source, we will receive a commision in addition to providing you with individualised advice. We provide you with a Free Move or Rebate in exchange for a percentage of that commision!

No, as an apartment locating agency, you must have been directed to the neighbourhood in order to be eligible for our assistance.

Website Question

You’ve probably already noticed that compared to other rental websites, our website offers you a far larger selection of apartments. Our diverse company model is one of the causes. Apartments can advertise on our website for free. We only receive payment if a client leases a vehicle and names us as their referral source. The majority of rental websites impose steep advertising costs. The majority of flats opted not to list on those websites. Only a small portion of the listings on aptlocatorpro.com are available from even other apartment locating companies. In fact, compared to the top rental websites, Apt Locator Pro offers renters access to more than twice as many local apartment listings! Apt Locator Pro can give you current details on almost any apartment complex, in contrast to other websites.

Unregistered individuals can view a summary of each community we serve. You only need to register for free to gain full access to all listing details. You will never be asked to pay for our apartment locator service, and unrestricted access is entirely free. In accordance with our privacy policy, you can also feel secure knowing that your sensitive information will be kept totally confidential. In fact, Apt Locator Pro has an A+ Better Business Bureau rating and is the highest rated apartment locating business.

We take pleasure in giving potential tenants the most up-to-date and accurate apartment information possible for the markets we service. We strive to guarantee the price and move-in discounts we display to you match the most recent information available, and we not only show you more listings than other websites. This is made possible by the exclusive cooperation between Apt Locator Pro and the nation’s top multifamily data aggregator. At least once each month, all communities are called and asked to update their data. This includes all rental details, promotions, offers, and other community information made available to clients via our website or advisor support. Apt Locator Pro makes attempts to ensure that this data is updated often, but we are unable to and do not warrant the correctness of this data. You should get in touch with your favourite community to make sure you’re acting on the most up-to-date information. Insufficient time to call your preferred communities? Not to worry. Simply phone your Apt Locator Pro representative, and they’ll make the call on your behalf.

Move FAQ

Apt Locator Pro must have informed you about the apartment complex. Visit our website to look through apartment listings, or ask one of Apt Locator Pro’s representatives to do it for you. Make sure Apt Locator Pro is shown as your reference source on all guest cards and rental applications when you visit neighbourhoods. As soon as you’ve filed an application, let your agent know. We’ll check your information, and then you can set up your free move or reimbursement. It’s that simple!

Report your lease by calling your agent or our office at (817) 203-4341. We’ll check the specifics of your lease with the neighbourhood before giving you a lease confirmation number. You can submit a move request through our online form after you receive this confirmation number.

Yes. We advise you to read through our moving guidelines and terms of service in preparation. Contact one of our moving coordinators if you have any questions.

Yes, the majority of our clients are transients between cities. As long as your move is within the same metro region, there is no extra fee. For further information, call your agent or get in touch with our relocation department.

To guarantee you can acquire your preferred move date, we advise you to finalise your lease and organise your relocation as early as possible. 24 hours must pass before any moves can be scheduled. To make sure your relocation goes as smoothly as possible, you may also look through our whole list of moving advice.

There is only one pick up location included in our regular Free Move offer. Each additional pick-up location would incur a $30 fee.

We don’t offer boxes, toggle. Simply get in touch with one of our moving coordinators if you’d want a recommendation for where to get cheap boxes. Contact

Rebate FAQ

Make a free account on our website first, or get in touch with our office. You’ll speak with a helpful apartment agent who can assist you with your apartment search. Always get in touch with your agent before visiting because certain apartments ask us to pre-register you before phoning or coming to their community. Once you’ve filed an application, be sure to mention us as your referral source when you come and report your lease. If you use us to find an apartment, we’ll get paid for referring you, and you’ll get money back. See our rebate terms for more information.

The biggest and most well-known apartment searching company in the nation is called Apt Locator. Because of our volume, we can operate at lower profit margins and provide more to our clients. We closely monitor our rivals to make sure we provide the best free move deals and greatest rebates. We even promise that you won’t find a better offer.

Your rebate is calculated depending on your monthly rent and the neighbourhood in which you live. You qualify for a $200 rebate if your monthly rent is $1,200 or more. You qualify for a $100 rebate if your rent is less than $1,200. The vast majority of our customers are eligible for these typical reimbursement amounts. Rarely, a client may choose to lease in a neighbourhood that offers a referral fee that is less than what we require. Customers may be given a less rebate amount in following circumstances. It’s critical for our clients to understand they are getting the greatest bargain possible, regardless of the rebate amount. In fact, we promise that the rebate amounts we offer are the largest possible.

Report any lease violations by contacting your Apt Locator agent or by calling (817) 203-4341. We’ll check the specifics of your lease with the neighbourhood before giving you a lease confirmation number. You can fill out our online rebate request form after you have this confirmation number.

As soon as your community and/or management business settle our referral fee invoice, we pay your rebate. Your rebate check is mailed to the address you supply. Typically, this takes 8 to 16 weeks. Check out our website on rebate terms for additional details.

Customers must fill out our online rebate form within 60 days of leasing with us. Please get help from your agent or our office if you need it or if you have any issues about filing your rebate request.

Agent Assistance FAQ

Simply register on our website, give us your phone number and email address, and we’ll put you in touch with an agent. Immediately after registering on our website, every renter is given an agent who contacts them within 24 hours. Need help right away? Dial (817) 203-4341, which is our toll-free number. Agents are ready to help you right now. Visit our contact us page if you need to speak with an Apt Locator professional in another department.

No. Customers of Apt Locator Pro receive free, individualised help finding apartments. The aid with finding an agent, as well as our free relocation and rebate incentives, are all absolutely free for the tenant with Apt Locator Pro.

Yes. Your free move or refund offer is unaffected in any way by the expert advice that one of our apartment agents might offer regarding your apartment search.

You’ll save time and money by using our apartment brokers. In order to identify your precise rental preferences, including your prefered location, spending limit, and amenities, your realtor will first complete a short questionnaire. They’ll then construct a list of flats that fit that description and send it to your email. Let your agent know which communities interest you after studying the list. Your realtor will get in touch with your prefered communities to find out about the current prices and move-in incentives. They can even verify whether your prefered floor layout is available. Your agent will work with you to arrange your free move or rebate after you’ve chosen a place to live. Consider your Apt Locator Pro agent as your own personal apartment expert who will walk you around every apartment in the building. 

Each apartment consultant with Apt Locator Pro holds a real estate agent licence. Renters can rely on the years of knowledge of our experts to help them find the ideal place to call home. In order to deliver the greatest apartment-hunting experience possible, each Apt Locator Pro representative goes through comprehensive training. You’ll have a conversation with a local rental specialist who can advise you on the best neighbourhood and rental standards to use as the basis for your search. The enormous number of apartment leases our agents have facilitated may be the strongest qualification. Each and every month, thousands of tenants utilise an Apt Locator Pro agent to find their new apartment, giving us a unique and knowledgeable perspective on the rental market. Call an agent right away!

Referral Program FAQ

By recommending Apt Locator Pro to your friends and family, you can earn prizes through our referral program. It’s easy: recommend Apt Locator Pro to anyone looking for a new apartment for individualised support, a free relocation, or a reimbursement. We’ll send you a $25 prepaid credit card as a thank you gift if they use our service.

First, you need to let us know that the referred client found out about our service from you. The simplest method to do this is for you or the client to get in touch with our office and chat with a representative. The individual you recommended must then use our service to find an apartment and correctly credit you as the source of the referral. It’s that simple! As a token of our appreciation, we’ll send you a $25 prepaid credit card as soon as the suggested client moves in.

Gift cards for Apt Locator Pro referrals come in the form of $25 prepaid credit cards. Anywhere that accepts credit cards will accept this card. Additionally, each card has simple guidelines for determining the available balance.

We aim to make referring friends and relatives to our service as simple as possible for you. Ask prospective tenants to give your name when contacting us when you inform them about our service. You can contact our office and let us know if they forget or if you simply want to make sure. In either case, we’ll enter this information into our system as soon as we know you recommended the client to make sure you get your $25 referral bonus.

Yes. The referral gift that we send you does not affect the referred customer’s rebate or move in any way.

No. As many rentals as you like may be recommended. With a free move or rebate, they will receive free apartment searching assistance, and you will receive a $25 prepaid credit card for each client!

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