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Rebate Information

How do we provide a Rebate?

We are paid a referral fee when our clients lease their new apartment. Most apartment locating companies keep this commission; Apt Locator Pro uses a portion of our referral fee to provide you a Free Move or Cash Back Rebate.
To learn more about our service see How it Works.

Two Great Rebate Options

Renters that use Apt Locator Pro to find their new apartment are entitled to one of the following rebate options:

$200 Rebate - Rental Rate more than $1,200

Customers with a rental rate of $1,200 or above are eligible to receive a $200 rebate check.

$100 Rebate - Rental Rate less than $1,200

Customers with a rental rate below $1,200 are eligible to receive a $100 rebate check.

Best Free Move Offer Guaranteed!

Apt Locator Pro is the only company that provides unlimited inventory and no hidden fees on every free move offer. We provide renters the most comprehensive free move offer in the business. Beware of smaller “move for free” competitors that claim to offer a similar service but bury their customer with pages of fine print, restrictions and inventory fees. When you compare the competition there’s just not another company that stacks up. That’s why thousands of renters use Apt Locator Pro each and every month.

In fact, we’re so confident you can’t find a better free move offer that we guaranteed it!

The Most Reputable Apartment Finding Service in Texas

Apt Locator Pro is not only the largest apartment finding service in Texas; we’re also the most reputable. We encourage renters to check out real reviews from real customers before choosing any free move / rebate apartment finding service. Renters that do their research on independent review sites choose Apt Locator Pro every time.
You’ll find that Apt Locator Pro has incredible customer satisfaction; something our competitors just can’t say. Don’t trust your belongings to smaller competitors with bad customer reviews. Browse hundreds of Apt Locator Pro Reviews now.
For complete details see our Rebate Terms page.
Not interested in our Rebate options? Check out our Free Move options instead.

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